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Dr. Yogesh Patel is an interventional pain physician at Coastal Pain & Spinal Diagnostics in San Diego County. He has dedicated his life to the eradication of pain. Dr. Yogi practices evidence based medicine and the multi-disciplinary approach to pain management, giving his patients the most options and the best care possible. He has helped many patients with difficult and advanced debilitating pain conditions. Dr. Yogi is double board certified in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine from the American Board of Anesthesiology. Dr. Yogi is admired by his colleagues and adored by his patients. Dr. Yogi trained at UCSD, one of the highest rated interventional pain fellowship programs in the country. There he trained with pioneers in the field of Pain Medicine, and developed a strong interest in patient education and prevention. At UCSD, he received outstanding acknowledgement in excellent patient care.

Dr. Yogi is the founder of MyPainTools and the Opioid Safety Program which are part of his chronic pain education and prevention program. He feels that knowledge is empowerment, and that educated patients have the best chance for a pain-free lifestyle. He is dedicated to Coastal Pain’s mission to bring the highest quality, and compassionate pain services to all of San Diego County. Dr. Yogi has also worked extensively with other physicians and has placed strong emphasis on developing a strong working relationship with referring physicians with the end result of providing excellent and timely patient care. Dr. Yogi is at the forefront in the advances in pain management. He has a strong interest in research as well as the development of new and innovated treatments and techniques in pain medicine. He is dedicated to Coastal Pain’s mission to bring the highest quality, and compassionate pain services to all of San Diego County. In his free time Dr. Yogi devotes his time to his family and outdoor activities.

Dr. Yogi on Pain Management

UT-TV Published on Apr 30, 2013

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Patel is always great to me, listens to me and knows what to do to take my pain level down.
This is by far the best clinic I’ve been to, and I have been to several!

-Jim W.

Carlsbad, CA

I am so blessed to have Dr. Patel as my pain management doctor. Until recently I didn't have a need for a pain doctor and was very concerned how my issues would come across to the doctor. Dr. Patel always has time for me and is willing to let me try different things to see which works the best for me. If I have an issue with a med he is willing to help me find something else to help. He is open and honest and doesn't treat you like a drug addict. I would and do recommend Dr. Patel.

-Jana W.

Sacramento, CA

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