Patient Information

Forms, Facts and information regarding Patient Care

Dr. Yogi performs complete diagnostic workups, including history and physical exams, as well as medication management (if necessary). He will also arrange for physical therapy, imaging studies, and psychological and surgical consultations as needed. He includes you in each step of the decision process, because an informed patient achieves the best results. Dr. Yogi's staff makes an exhaustive effort to give our patients expedient appointments, and to respond to their needs, because they want to maintain the highest possible patient satisfaction.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of our patients. When our patients first come to us they are unable to enjoy daily activities with their families and loved ones. Whether they are trying to enjoy a nice evening stroll or a round of golf, their pain often takes the joy out of their lives. We tailor each patient’s care uniquely to their needs to help them manage their pain, so they can get back to living normal lives. We provide clinically proven solutions to fill your life with Less Pain, and More You. We are accepting new patients, have minimal wait-times, and are eager to help you with your pain issues. Contact us for an appointment.

Bill of Rights

We promise that each patient entrusted to our care is treated in a way that respects and fosters their dignity, autonomy and positive self regard.

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Notice of Privacy

Information on how we may use & share your health information and your privacy rights.

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Refill Line

Frequently asked questions regarding patients requesting a medication refill.

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Triage Line

A line for Patients who are having complications with their medications or procedures.

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